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U2 - Atomic: The Edge

Opening of Anton Corbijn exhibition 'U2 & I' in Berlin


1962 FENDER Stratocaster (sunburst finish) ["Pride..."]
1963 GRETSCH Country Gentleman (walnut finish) [City Of Blinding Lights]
1965 RICKENBACKER 330/12 (fireglo finish) [tuned standard for "Sometimes You Can't Make It..."]
1966 EPIPHONE Casino (sunburst finish) [All Because of You]
1966 FENDER Telecaster (cream finish) [Vertigo]
1966 FENDER Telecaster (lake placid blue finish) [Used for “Instant Karma” and promo show performances of “Vertigo”]
1966 GIBSON SG (cherry finish) [Elevation]
1966 GIBSON SG (Pelham blue finish) – [back-up guitar to the `66 Cherry SG]
1966 RICKENBACKER 330/12 (mapleglo finish) [tuned to E-Flat for "Mysterious Ways"]
1971 FENDER Stratocaster (black finish) – [“Blackie # 1”]
1973 FENDER Stratocaster (black finish)
1973(?) GIBSON Les Paul Custom (cream) [Zoo Station, during Vertigo tour. Appears to be the same one from The Fly video]
1975 GIBSON Les Paul Custom (cream) [used for NYD, amongst others. It was the one that was auctioned off in NY for Music Rising in April 2007]
1976 GIBSON Explorer [Ltd Ed] (mahogany finish) [There are more than one of these]
1983 GIBSON Les Paul Standard Gold Top (gold top finish) [Until The End OF The World]
1996 FENDER Telecaster [Made In Japan] (alpine white) [Sunday Bloody Sunday
2004 FERNANDES Retro Rocket (black finish w/sustainer pickup) [With Or Without You]
2004 GIBSON J200 Pete Towshend model (natural finish) [2] [Yahweh and other acoustic numbers during the first leg or so of the tour...]
2004 GIBSON J200 Pete Towshend model (sunburst finish) [2] [Used more, later on in the Vertigo tour, including for "...Wild Horses" and "Fast Cars"]
2004 LINE 6 Variax 700 (silver sparkle finish) [Love and Peace...]
2004 LINE 6 Variax 700 (Vertigo finish) [The Fly]
2005 GIBSON Les Paul Music Rising (multi-colored finish) [One]
2006 EPIPHONE Les Paul Music Rising (black with Music Rising logo) [Walk On, in Australia / NZ in 2006, plus seen on Japanese TV and at the Cannes Film Festival]

* In most cases there are duplicates or similar make/model as back-up guitars